How To Help

Justice For One is Justice For All

Thank you for your desire to help the victims of the Zaria massacre. Ultimately by seeking justice for their murder and secret burial, you are helping prevent the continued reoccurrence of such crimes against humanity across Nigeria and the larger world. It was them in December, it has again happened in Abia and Onitsha (with reported secret military burials again) and Delta, it may be us next wherever we feel safe.

  1. You can contact the representatives of the victims, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria at
  2. You can press for action from your local legislators on the tragedy
  3. You can organize and join protests for justice for the hundreds of victims of the Zaria massacre; tweet with hashtag #ZariaMassacre
  4. You can contact us to be involved in various programs we are instituting to demand justice for the dead and living victims. Email: admin @
  5. We invite victims and friends of victims to send us their lost ones pictures and their stories.

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